A Fresh Start

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40 41 50 41Fourteen days into the new year and the theme has been big bows and big hair. I like it. Also, I’m a morning person (this is a big deal). If you know me personally, you are probably shaking your head and thinking, “Yeah, right.” But it’s true. Since the new year Stephen and I have enjoyed a little breakfast and coffee followed by Yoga. Mmm, so good. Mornings are my favourite now. There’s something magical about a fresh start. Here are some of my hopes for this year // drink more minty green tea // keep up the morning routine // yoga everyday, twice a day // get that tattoo you were suppose to get last year… (whoops) // read all the books on your book list //

One more. I have a few adventures I need to do. Adventures as in projects that have been on my mind and heart for years. It’s time to be brave and do it.

What are some exciting things you would like to do this year?


4 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. I love the big bows, can’t wait till my hair grows out long enough to wear them like that :)

    I have so many resolutions, I hardly know where to start! First, I want to blog. I have one but I don’t keep it up very well, I want it to be consistent and lovely to look at (like yours, and so many of my other faves!). I want to work harder on my fiction writing, and work on my art every spare moment. I want to move out of my mom’s house and finally have a space of my own. And I want to drink more water, and learn to like wine!

    1. Hi Melissa! We have a lot in common —I’m writing a book as well! Blogging is so much fun, you should do it! I’m trying to be more open with writing in this little corner of the interweb. I’m a little shy, so it’s encouraging to hear that you enjoy reading!

    1. Hi Allie, I like your goals! I’ve never read the Bible in a year, I’ve always admired people who have! You should start a blog, like I said above it’s so much fun!

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