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lately stephen and i have been visiting local coffee shops and sitting outside. i wish summer was as nice as spring! it’s nice to sit outside comfortably; not too hot, not too cold -just perfect! i’ve been making and ordering chai any chance i can! i’ve also had a craving for quiche –one of the coffee shops in town makes the most delicious quiche, and i really want to give it a go and try to make one myself! do you have a recipe i could try?!

stephen took this picture on our walk the other day. i love this tree. every spring from afar it looks like a cotton candy tree…well if cotton candy grew on trees i’m sure it would look like this! it’s beautiful in such a way as to seem removed from everyday life, but it’s not removed and i am so happy for it!

i wrote my grandmother a four page letter the other day. took me forever, i’m a very slow writer! i enjoy writing letters so much though, it’s great practice.

as you can see i’ve been doing a little bit of this and that lately! this spring weather has had me in a sort of a half-conscious, dreamy state! i’ve been reading three different books too and sewing different little things! hopefully i’ll have one of these projects finished soon so i can share them with you! until then, i do hope you have a lovely thursday!


10 thoughts on “a little this and that

  1. You have teh most beautiful handwriting! I am sure your grandmother will appreciate it anyway :)
    here is my Mum’s formula for quiche:

    This is mum’s quiche recipe- you can make a number of variations according to what you want in the quiche. Breakfast quiches might be all ham and bacon, summer quiches might include corn- you get the idea! I usually like to add mushrooms to mine- but then I get to eat them all since the kids don’t like them!

    One Pastry Case
    4 oz Cheese (multiple varieties are good)
    4 oz Ham or Bacon
    1 Chopped onion, lightly sautéed
    3 Eggs
    ½ Pint Single Cream or 400g Evapourated Milk
    Additional vegetables to taste
    Place everything in the pastry case, pouring milk over everything else at the last.
    Cook on 350oF/180oC/Gas Mark 4 and cook until set.

    1. Oh my! Rachel, you are the sweetest!! I was really hoping someone would respond and give me a nice recipe! I love mushrooms too, so I think I’ll add that!

  2. Hello! Excuse my bad english (live in Russia). I read your site – it is so incentive: nice photos and texts. Thank you.

    1. Hello Gulnara! thank you so much for stopping by and commenting!! you are the sweetest :) i hope you will come again!

  3. Gorgeous handwriting, I must say right away! Lovely! I agree with you so very much about wishing summer offered the same beautiful outdoor comfort level as spring ’round here! Found a vintage dress the other day but am having a hard time dating it, if you would care to drop by and take a look. I am wondering if maybe 50s? My mom said she thought could be early 60s. I think you know way more than I do about authentic vintage clothing.

    It’s a Kerrybrooke by Sears and Roebuck:


    Love your blog!

    1. aw, thank you so much Lynn!

      i just stopped by and left a comment! that dress is so pretty!! great find!! and for $4 bucks?!?

  4. I love quiche, look up the carnation milk recipe for quiche, that’s the one I use for the base and then i just throw in whatever i think looks good, or whatever i have in my kitchen. that’s the best thing about quiche, you can make one out of almost anything!

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