Farmer's Market | Mrs Amber AppleWell hello there!

I didn’t actually plan to be away for so long. I missed my little blog and especially you. Stephen and I traveled to the Bahama’s a few weeks ago. I’ll dedicated a full post on our adventures this week,  but until then I want to share a sneak peek of our new loft!

Cocktail List | Mrs Amber Apple Bar | Mrs Amber Apple Dresses | Mrs Amber Apple Bedroom Dresser | Mrs Amber Apple Kitchen | Mrs Amber Apple Morning Letter | Mrs Amber AppleI’m no where near the finish line, but that’s what nesting is, right? A continued process of change… ha! Oh, and I painted a few walls (drum roll please) black. The paint is from HGTV and it’s called Black Magic.

I know, I wasn’t expecting that either.




3 thoughts on “A Small Hello and Black Magic

  1. it looks fabulous, and I love the black paint and the name! Also, that yellow flower dress on your clothing rack is to die for!!

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