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Baking a Georgia Peach Pie

June 18, 2015


Last weekend Stephen and I drove to Nashville, Tennessee to visit family. While we were there we stopped by the downtown farmers market to try some peaches from The Peach Truck!

The Peach Truck | Red Autumn CoWe weren’t disappointed, they were delicious! Stephen’s aunt recently gifted us a cookbook called Back In the Day Bakery Made with Love. It is my new favorite book. If you don’t have it already, go purchase it on Amazon :) Georgia Peach Pie Recipe | Red Autumn CoI knew I wanted to try their Georgia Peach Pie recipe (peaches are my favorite). The stars aligned to form a magical peach for me; I mean what’s the chances that I would be able to visit Nashville and buy the perfect peaches the weekend after receiving this cookbook? It was destiny. Pie Crust | Red Autumn Co

Making a pie from scratch is no joke. You will need to set aside a few hours to bake your pie. Take your time and follow the directions closely.
Georgia Peach Pie | Red Autumn Co

A few things you should know about the pie above, my pie crust is dairy and gluten-free. I used Bob’s Red Mill Pie Crust Mix, if you buy it on Amazon you can get four packets for $12… that’s a great deal. To make my crust dairy-free I used Spectrum Organic Shortening. *Side note: most beautiful pie crusts are brown because they have been egg washed. I’m allergic to eggs, so that’s why my pie crust is so light. Gluten-free pie crusts are a little tricky. I made this pie crust the traditional way and it was easier to work with. I remember thinking a lattice pie crust was difficult then, HA! It’s way more tricky with a gluten-free crust—but it can be done!

Basically, if you have food allergies take heart, you can enjoy a delicious pie!

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  • Reply Amber June 18, 2015 at 11:09 pm

    Very cute!! And just like your book says, the most important ingredient to pie baking is love! ;)

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