Bloody Mary

June 6, 2014


Stephen-Making-Bloody-Mary-Mrs-Amber-Apple-BlogThe Bloody Mary is one of my favorite drinks. It wasn’t until I enjoyed one with homemade tomato juice that I realized the full potential of a well crafted Bloody Mary.Bloody Mary | MrsAmberApple blogVery few drinks are as versatile as the Bloody Mary. When your looking for something refreshing on a hot day, something to warm you on a cold one, something to enjoy in the afternoon, or something to take care of you in the morning, you may find yourself fixing this all-around satisfying cocktail.

Ingredients, Bloody Mary

Let’s get started. Here’s what we’ll need:

• Absolut vodka
• Homemade tomato juice
• Sriracha hot sauce
• Worcestershire Sauce
• Celery
• Cucumber
• Red pepper
• Pimento stuffed olives (three)
• Lemon (one)
• Limes (two)
• Salt
• Pepper
• Ice

Bar Tools, Bloody Mary

We’re going to need some bar tools too:

• Boston Shaker
• Bamboo knot pick
• Knife
• Lemon squeezer
• Hawthorn Strainer
• Straw
• Highball glass

Add these ingredients to your shaker:
• Lime juice from one lime.
• Lemon juice from one lemon.
• Four ounces homemade tomato juice.
• Two ounces Absolut Vodka.
• Three dashes Worcestershire Sauce.
• Two dashes Sriracha Hot Sauce.
• A little bit of salt.
• A little bit of pepper.

Add as much ice as you can manage, pour the ingredients in and shake hard. Once you have your drink mixed, set it aside and prepare the garnish. Bloody Mary’s require a lot of garnish:

• Celery stalk.
• Sliced cucumber.
• Lime wedge.
• Two slices red pepper.
• Sriracha hot sauce.
• Three pimento stuffed olives (very last).

Final Step, Bloody Mary

Slip the celery down the glass, hang the lime and peppers on the rim. Decorate the cucumber with Sriracha and strain your mix into your glass. Add the olives and a little bit of pepper on top, and you’re done.

Stephen Making a Bloody Mary

Amber snuck a picture just as I was finishing mine.

Close Up, Bloody MaryThere’s so much food on top you should say a quick prayer before drinking this cocktail.


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