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Infused Vodka


A week before Christmas Stephen and I went to Trader Joe’s and picked out some fruit to infuse vodka. We got blueberries, blackberries and one pomegranate. We bought enough vodka to fill four canning jars. The process is so simple, the hardest part was waiting a week to see what it would taste like…but it was worth the wait! The how to: rinse your fruit and separate it –we placed blueberries in first, pomegranate and then blackberries (yum!) …it looked really pretty! Then pour in your vodka, screw on the lid and keep refrigerated for at least a week.

We made up three different cocktails and they were rather tasty!
(To read more about the process click here.)


Homemade Gifts

Stephen and I were excited to make some homemade gifts this year! We made vanilla coffee syrup and infused vodka. I found the recipe from A Beautiful Mess blog!

I think everyone liked their homemade gifts! Both were really easy to make. We made the infused vodka earlier last week – but more on that later! The coffee syrup was so easy too! Simply warm two cups of water in a pot, add two cups of sugar and stir until it’s dissolved and then add 1/2 teaspoon of vanilla extract and you’re done! Pour into a cute jar or dispenser!


The Puff Blanket

The puff blanket is perfect for cozy evenings spent with a cup of tea and a good book! I couldn’t be happier with the result and I can assure you, it’s worth all the hard work! I’m excited to share this tutorial with you!

Step One: Cut out a ton of squares. For this blanket I had 252 puffs, so I cut out 504 squares. 252 squares of pretty fabric and 252 of not so pretty fabric for the other side of the square.

Step Two: “Puff” your squares with fluffy cotton. Simply sew around a pretty fabric square and the extra square (under side) and leave a small hole for stuffing cotton into your square. Once your square is puffy to your liking, sew it up! (My squares were probably too puffy…or is there such a thing?)


Step Three: Arrange your puffs! I tried to strategically place my puffs so no alike puffs were near each other.

Step Four: Number the back of your puffs (no one will see this side). I made eighteen rows with fourteen puffs in each row. So for the first row I numbered my puffs: 1-1, 1-2 … and for the next row, 2-1, 2-2… and so on.

This is what the back looks like.

This is the front!

Step Five: Now you’re ready to sew your puffs together. After you sew all of your puffs together in rows, sew all of your rows together!

Step Six: Sew the back fabric on! I used an old comforter for the back, you can read more about the fabrics I used and why here.

And you’re finished!

Now put the kettle on and cuddle up in the fluffiest blanket you’ve ever made!



Ottoman Upholstery


Reupholstering furniture is a lot of fun. I really enjoy it, but if you’re new to upholstery I should warn you, it’s not for the faint hearted. You will need to put in a lot of hours and perhaps ask a friend to help! Thankfully, my husband is super handy and is always kind to help me when I need him!

And I honestly couldn’t have reupholstered this ottoman without him!

Stephen and I bought this ottoman three years ago for our new apartment, it was ugly and on sale and I was excited to venture into DIY land. So far we’ve reupholstered it four times… practice makes perfect, right? Throughout our yearly reupholster experiences, I think we finally found something that works and I want to share it with you!

You will need heavy cotton fabric (for this ottoman I used 1 1/2 yards), a hot glue gun, a staple gun and lots of patience!

Drap your fabric over the ottoman and line it up the way you want it. Allow at least six inches of extra fabric on each side.

Now you can start stapling! We only stapled in the middle of each side because the corners are a little tricky.

The extra six inches of fabric on each side will help cover up your staples!

Step One: Fold two inches of the fabric under.

Step Two: Fold another two inches of fabric under again.

Step Three: Now take your “folded under fabric” and fold it over your staples…it should look like the above photo.

Hot glue your folded fabric together and to the ottoman.

This is the tricky part: There’s going to be a lot of fabric that you will not need for the corner.

Figure out how tight you want the corner to be and cut the extra fabric.

Fold and tuck your fabric until you get it the way you like it and then glue it!

ta da!

…now three more corners!

And you’re finished! Now you can sit down and smoke a pipe like my husband or have a cup of tea like me and admire your hard work!

I hope this little DIY encourages you to start your own project if you have one in mind!

Do you have a upholstery project in mind?



Piano Desk

Last year Stephen and I picked up this old piano on for free. Sadly, the piano was broken and beyond repair.

Stephen had the brilliant idea of turning the piano into a desk!

Recently, I repainted it black.

Stephen took my little project a bit further by mounting his Apple display to the front of the piano! And he added color changing LED lighting inside and around the back!

I’m really happy with the way it turned out! Changing the colors of the LED’s is lots of fun too!

If you want to make a piano desk, search for free broken piano’s on or yard sales. Take out all of the strings and piano keys (keep the piano keys for a future DIY I’ll be posting!). Then decide what color you want to paint it! I first painted the piano grey, which looked really nice when I was using it, but I knew my husband would enjoy it better if it was black. After your paint is dry make sure you spray it with a clear coat of acrylic.

As for mounting the screen, I have no idea how Stephen did that. Perhaps I’ll ask him to guest post sometime to tell us how he did it! Would anyone be interested in that?