Cottage Update: Parlor

July 7, 2015


Fun little fact, the word parlor is from the Anglo-French word parler, meaning talk. A parlor is a room dedicated to conversation with guests or family. When Stephen and I married (almost six years ago!) we decided having a TV in the main room was distracting, so we moved it permanently to his office. Best decision ever. So technically, our main room is called a parlor #sofancy Okay, moving on—here is a little parlor update! Red Autumn Co.| Flora the chair: consignment | Pillow: DIY | Rug: IKEA | Wire Basket: Urban Outfitters |

Does anyone know where this chair is from? I found it at a furniture consignment shop and got a great deal! It seems barely used and fairly new. There’s no tag with the original shop on it—I would love to know where it’s from! Anyway, I named her Flora and I think Molly approves :)

We also bought a rug from IKEA. It makes the room so cozy. I always meant to get a rug for the Loft, but never got around to it. I’m so happy I finally got one—it was worth the money! Besides, IKEA has great prices on rugs. Red Autumn Co.

| Floral Bouquet Print | Crosley Record Player |

Remember when I was talking about painting in this post? Well, I finally got around to painting our first room—the parlor! I painted it Moonshine by Benjamin Moore and I love it.

Let’s talk about paint for a moment. This room is dark during the day with no natural light. If you hop back to this post you can barely tell there’s a change in the photo, but in person there’s a big difference. The original color was a light blue. Moonshine looks like a soft gray in artificial lighting. It’s very pretty and calm. Red Autumn Co

| Door Rug: Target | Bookshelf: DIY | Door Wreath: DIY |

Dinning Room | Red Autumn Co

Our dinning room is next on my list to paint. I spend most of my time in this room during the day painting and sketching new prints! I want to brighten this room up a bit. It has a lot of windows and natural light in the morning is very pretty—but for the rest of the day it’s mostly dark. Red Autumn Co.“Little by little one travels far. ” —Spanish Proverb

It’s true! Every little update makes a difference. DIY projects are in the works again too! I have a few projects to share with you soon! Today I am making another Glitter Star Headband —while we were traveling last autumn my original star headband was bent. I’ve already made the stars so they’re ready, all that’s left is to glue them to the headband.

Also, there will be a lot of new updates to the shop this week. My birthday is on Thursday, so I’m working extra hard to have all new prints + stationary updated by then!

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  • Reply Amber July 7, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    Everything looks lovely! Can’t wait to see what color you pick for the dining room! Also, ♪♫♪ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! ♪♫♪ I hope you have a fun birthday MONTH (remind Stephen you have to celebrate all month) ;)

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