Cozy Little Cabin

Obviously, the theme for my Thanksgiving pictures is a cozy fire provided by my husband!

Growing up I was never around a fireplace. My parents and grandparents house didn’t have a fireplace, so naturally I’ve always wanted one and consider it to be extremely cozy. Stephen kept a nice fire going throughout the weekend –oh, I suppose I should have started here: For Thanksgiving, Stephen’s family rents a cabin in the middle of where each family lives; we all drive half the distance (smart, huh?) and stay in this cozy little cabin for the holiday weekend.

Every year we’re all cooped up inside; some are cooking delicious foods and others are getting crafty at the kitchen table (that would be Rachel!), but we’re all inside where it’s warm telling tales from the past and funny stories from 2012. There’s no internet, no phone service and barely cable; it’s the perfect little get-away.

It was a happy Thanksgiving!


6 thoughts on “Cozy Little Cabin

  1. Funny. There is a bonnie brae right by my house, that must be the exit. :)
    And I love S’mores. It looks like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  2. I’m so jealous! I’ve always wanted to spend the weekend in a cabin knitting by the fireplace. With a kitten sitting on my lap. It’s nice that both your families can spend time together and not travel too far. We travel over 800 round trip to see our families for Thanksgiving. It was worth it though.

  3. There is nothing cozier or more snuggle-inducing than a good fire in the fireplace! I’m glad you all had such a lovely Thanksgiving!

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