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Easy Gold Magnets

July 6, 2014
#DIY Golden Magnets | MrsAmberApple

COverI’ve been obsessed with magnets lately! They are so fun. I have started adorning my fridge with tiny little treasures and it makes all the difference for my kitchen! Lets face it, refrigerators usually get shafted when it comes to decorating. Magnets are an easy way to spruce up the coupons, and old family photos.

You ready to get your craft on?All you need is -a can of Gold Spray Paint (which you should have anyways; A house isn’t a home without some gold spray paint on hand.)

-Rocks: collecting the rocks may very well be my favorite part of this DIY—so go get outdoorsy! Make sure to collect rocks of different shapes and sizes; the variation is a nice addition!

Magnets: I got mine from A.C. Moore for cheap…you can get them just about anywhere.

Some sort of strong adhesive such at E-6000 or a glue gun.

To get started, lay your rocks out on a “spray-able” surface and evenly coat them with a thin layer of spray paint.Spray


I could do this all day. Warning: you are going to want to spray paint everything in sight. Hide the cat. Everything is better in Gold, right?


Once you have been able to take your finger off the nozzle (I know its hard), and the rocks have dried, flip them over and spray the other side, making sure to coat the sides. Or if you would like to let your creativity run wild, leave some of the natural rock showing or incorporate other colors of spray paint. Whatever suits your fancy!

Then glue them to the magnet and let the glue set.IMG_7540 2Let the glue set for an hour or two, and then you can move them around.

Little Nugs Now your fridge is happy.

Make yourself a snack and enjoy your fresh fridge.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 12.26.44 AM

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