embroidery floss

surprises are the best.

a few days ago my sweet mother called me and asked if she could come by and give me a box full of embroidery floss. i thought “a box full” meant ten to twenty different embroidery flosses, i was excited but i had no idea what kind of happiness was about to happen to me.

one hundred and twenty different embroidery flosses all cataloged in old envelops. be still my heart. it was so cute and overwhelming!

mom said that there was an older lady who brought her collection to the Y and asked if anyone could use it, so she said her daughter could and boy am i ever grateful she did!

i hope you have a lovely day!


7 thoughts on “embroidery floss

  1. That’s awesome. I have amassed quite a bit of embroidery floss. I have them in bags but I like the way you stored them. I may just have to do that.

    1. i love embroidery floss! wrapping them like this took me a few days though! but i think it is soo worth it!!

  2. What a nice gift! I love wrapping floss, although it can begin to seem never ending! And thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts on the dress. I really appreciate that. My mom was thinking early 60s as well. I did photograph the label and add that in with the post. I was not even thinking about the labels perhaps changing over time, etc. Maybe I can find info that way.

    Happy Day!

    1. Yes, it took me forever!

      oh sorry! i must have missed that picture! i’m going to check it out again, i’m so curious to know what year it’s from!

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