Gandalf The White Pyrenees

July 29, 2016

Gandalf joined the Apple family mid January. He will be eight months old August 3rd! Warning: there are a lot of photo’s in this post, I want to document how he has grown so quickly!



Look at that face! He was still so sleepy after we were able to take him home.


Gandalf LOVES snow. It snowed a little in February and I remember he wanted to be outside all the time!



Those paws! This is a king size bed by the way.IMG_9093IMG_9173 IMG_9090

The photo’s above were taken around Easter earlier this spring.


This is his most recent photo, taken when I was shooting our Dining Room Tour. I wish I had a photo of Gandalf next to me now so you could have a better comparison for his size!

P.S. You can follow Gandalf on Instagram @gandalfthewhitepyrenees

Amber and Gandalf | Mrs Amber AppleUpdate August 19, 2016

Gandalf is eight months old!

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