Green and Other Things


I love green.

And after seeing The Hobbit for the second time, I’ve been kind of obsessing over it. So… that’s where these new green heels come in at and my newly painted green side table! The glimpses into my closet is pretty exciting because it’s my new dressing room! It sounds extremely girly because, well…it is -but now that I’ve done it, I would have to say that every girl needs a dressing room. In my case, my dressing room is an over-sized closet, but it’s perfect. If you have a huge closet, do yourself a favour and make it into a dressing room. Your life is about to be changed.


And, (drum roll please) so far my best selling print is this one! If you’ve bought a print, I want to see it hanging in your home! Take a picture of it and email it to me: and I’ll give you a print for free!


4 thoughts on “Green and Other Things

  1. I like that last quote. My mom always told me to kill people with niceness. That way they have no cause to say bad things about you.

    Your dressing room is awesome! If we ever buy and build our own home,I’m totally going to have a dressing room and a nice big spa tub. That and a great kitchen.

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