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Jade Mint + Jasmine Pearl Green Tea

April 10, 2015


One evening I came home to find Stephen making this delicious tea. I was skeptical at first, but soon after tasting his magical tea infusion I fell in love. It’s a minty tea, with a hint of jasmine. Mmm!

Jasmine Pearl and Jade Mint Green Tea | Red Autumn Co

I bought Jasmine Dragon Pearls and Jade Citrus Mint from Teavana. Additionally you will need a kettle and a tea pot. I bought my tea pot from World Market—it comes with a mesh tea strainer! I make green, oolong, and herbal teas using this tea pot. I also use the teapot warmer. You will need:

What You Need to make Jade Mint and Jasmine Pearl Green Tea | Red Autumn Co

+Bring water to 175 degrees.
+Pour over 2 teaspoons of Jade Citrus Mint.
+Allow three minutes to steep.
+Add 2 teaspoons of Jasmine Dragon Pearls.
+Allow at least five minutes to steep.


I’ve made a couple pots of this tea this week while working on new items for the shop! It’s the perfect tea to sip while working. I hope you enjoy it!

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