Oh, Hello March


Five very happy things: 1/The scent of pipe tobacco. 2/Popcorn, oh how I love you. 3/Time to read favourite books. 4/The sound of a banjo throughout the day. 5/Glenn Miller, thank you.

I have two lists for 2013 and on one of them I’ve written down to purchase a record player… I haven’t yet, but I found one that I like and I’m almost ready to bring it home. In the mean time I’ve been hunting down vinyl’s and I’m happy to have found a Glenn Miller vinyl! For six bucks I couldn’t pass it up. Thanks to spotify I can pretend I’m listening to it on my imaginary record player until I buy one.

Do you have a record player? What do you recommend?

Oh and hello March. I hope it’s a lovely one for you!

Yours Ever,

2 thoughts on “Oh, Hello March

  1. Popcorn is so delicious and easy to make. I had a nice record player that went ka-put a few months ago. I found a cheapy record player at the Electronics Swap meet in Long Beach. It’ll have to do until I found something nice and better. I’d love to get a vintage radio/record player console but I don’t know where the heck I would put it.

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