Organize Spices Using Half Pint Jars | MrsAmberApple

One item on my list to do this summer is to organize our spices. I’m happy to say I can check it off today! Spices can get messy, or maybe I’m a clumsy  cook. The wide mouth on the half pint jars are easy to access with measuring spoons and I really like that. Especially when cooking with sugar —I cannot even begin to tell you how many messes I’ve made with sugar, it’s a lot.

What You Need | MrsAmberApple

Simply pour your seasoning in a jar and then…

Label | MrsAmberApple

It’s that easy.

Organize Spices | MrsAmberApple

I like to mix my own spices and give them nerdy names like the Shire. It’s actually my favorite seasoning for fish and turkey, maybe I’ll share it later this week!

Happy nesting!

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