Blanket Stitch Throw

January 13, 2017

After celebrating the New Year I discovered Audible *amazing* I’ve listened to so many books and finished a few projects I’ve left unfinished for so long. Seriously, in one week I finished this throw, the Herringbone Knit Throw, and several embroidered tea towels. Not even kidding.

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Recipe Box


November 3, 2016

My favorite time of year is when I can bake Gingersnaps and it isn’t socially awkward. Similar to listening to Christmas songs in July, the smell of molasses and ginger combined isn’t as sweet in the summertime. Autumn has been here for awhile and I have a quick and easy Gingersnap recipe for you to try—oh and they’re allergy friendly! Continue Reading…



November 1, 2016

October was full of change. Everyday, something was changing in a new exciting way. Life is slowing down now—it’s so nice to look back and actually sit down to document it here! We moved back to downtown (it’s so great to be back home!). Gandalf is working at a farm to look after a horse named Apollo. All of our furniture is finally in the apartment! And I baked the most terrifying cookies ever for Halloween.
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