July 22
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Do you write letters? I have four pen pals, two I’ve never met before. Handwritten letters are the best. I enjoy the aesthetics of it all: ink, texture of paper, unique hand writing and friendship. Oh, and I like stamps and writing addresses on envelops. Basically, the whole process of writing and reading a letter is my favorite. I have a letter writing/reading ritual: the lighting in the room has to be cozy, coffee or tea should be ready and most importantly I need quiet. 

I can get a little frustrated though, not with my pen pals, they’re great. With stationary companies, or shops that offer stationary. I want quality paper and pretty designs; oh and I also don’t want to pay a lot for it. Is that too much for a letter writer to ask for? I realized a few months ago that all I was doing was complaining every time I went out to search for pretty stationary. Complaining has never looked good on me, so it was time I did something about it instead. Then I remembered I own a print shop…

 Red Autumn will carry stationary very soon. Two of the stationary packs are in the photo above :) — Also, prints and stationary will be delivered to your mailbox instead; this exciting change will be happening in a few weeks. I am excited!



One thought on “Red Autumn Stationary

  1. This is so exciting!! I just love stationary, and I agree with you, all the pretty stuff is SO expensive! I think this is just such a perfect blend of your talents and interests, and we all get to benefit! Hurrah for stationary! :D

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