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Simple Kale Apple Salad

June 19, 2014
Simple Kale Apple Salad | MrsAmberAppleBlog

Simple Kale Salad | MrsAmberAppleBlogSo Kale is a super food. Like THE super food of super foods. But when you bite into the super food, I tend to feel anything but super. It’s bitter—and not particularly enjoyable to this girl. But keeping in mind that Kale scored a perfect 1000 ANDI score (bow down brussle sprouts), I have forced myself to eat it. If it is not mixed with strawberries or some other fruit in a smoothie, chances are I’m not going near it. Ive even pretended to like kale chips, but after discovering this way of preparing it, I can honestly say “I  LIKE Kale!”. After trying this recipe, I hope you can join me in my Kale crush.

The best part of this recipe is it is SIMPLE. If you can chop things up and stir; then you’re golden.Ingredients For Kale Apple Salad | MrsAmberAppleBlog

5 oz. of raisins (golden or regular)
Small bag of baby spinach or one bunch of regular kale
A pinch of salt and pepper
1-2 tablespoons of Olive Oil
Granny Smith
Fresh Lemons or lemon juice
1 AvocadoAvocado | MrsAmberAppleBlog

*None of the measurements are exact; so play around! You may find you like 2 avocados rather than one, or a bit more lemon then I have here. As long as you include all these things, youre ready to roll!Raisins and Lemon juice | MrsAmberAppleBlog

Soak your raisins in lemon juice. Put them in a shallow bowl and squeeze the juice from a whole lemon over them.

This step is not neccesary but it adds that extra kick to the salad. If you cover and refridgerate them for 30 mins or more, your lemon infused raisins will swell with delicious flavor.Chop Avocado and Kale | MrsAmberAppleBlog

Chop up your kale into bite sized pieces. When using regular kale, discard the stems.

Chop up your apple into bite-sized pieces

And do the same to the avocado

Add all ingredients to a large bowlOlive Oil | MrsAmberAppleBlog

Pour Olive Oil and remaining lemon juice (about a half a lemon’s worth) over salad and toss.Mix Ingredients | MrsAmberAppleBlog

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  • Reply Amber June 19, 2014 at 3:41 pm

    I’m like you, not a fan of Kale. I once made Kale chips and they were so gross, like eating a dried autumn leaf from the yard (no idea why people like them lol). I might can talk myself into trying this though :)

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