i love the smell of fresh fabric.

 ten hours later…

just kidding, it wasn’t ten hours… but it felt like it!

mostly because i spent the previous night in a little french bakery called amelie’s. it’s open twenty-four/seven, so spontaneousness found me at ten pm and it left me the next morning at six am, when i was dragging my feet through the front door.

amelie’s is always a good idea and a good time. hot chocolate, a large french press and endless creativity! dragging my feet through the front door was a happy drag; it was worth it :)

I should have been exhausted, but I found myself the next day in the mood for sewing and this skirt magically appeared!

shoes: dsw // magic skirt: made by yours truly // blouse: target // cardigan: forever 21 // bow belt: charming charlie // vintage purse: thrifted

i am, by nature, not a spontaneous person, but im learning to embrace it.

it’s too much fun to pass up!


12 thoughts on “spontaneousness

  1. I love the print of your skirt! I saw that print and thought it would make an awesome Shirt-dress. Ever since my aunt-in-law introduced me to the French Press, I rarely drink regular coffee.

      1. The awesome thing about French presses is that you can make a little or a lot and to the strength you want it. My aunt gave us a nice press from Ikea but I broke it. I bought cheapie one from Ross for $10. It works well, for now.

  2. Your skirt is simply adorable! I love the color and the design. What pattern do you use?
    God’s blessings~

    1. thank you Connie!! it’s a simple circle skirt pattern – i’m not at home to check the specific name! i halved the pattern, because i only had two yards of fabric. so the “circle skirt” is more 40′s style than 50′s!

  3. That skirt is a dream, you did an amazing job! :) The fabric is so well-chosen, perfect for summer and spring!

  4. I am behind on my blog reading – hence the late post. Just love the skirt. I was in Joannes last night and picked up this fabric
    and drove it around in my cart for a while and thought is was so pretty. But it back because I was not sure of what to make
    with it. Your post is my inspiration to go back and pick up a few yards and create something with it. Thanks!

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