Summer’s Greeting

June 30, 2014
Summer | MrsAmberApple

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There hasn’t been a day in June that has gone by untouched by a happy event. From farmer markets, sweet engagements, meeting new friends and countless parties —June has tried her best to change my mind about summer and she succeeded. As the eye of heaven shines (ten points to whoever can tell me where that phrase is from!), I’ve enjoyed summer’s warmth.

But what I’ve really enjoyed is sharing my latest projects, like the wooden spool magnets or how I make bow headbands. I’ve made banana cream rice krispies so many times this month, *no regrets* —it’s so good. Every Friday Stephen has shared a cocktail recipe! I really don’t know which one is my favorite, they were all delicious (the perks of being married to the blog bartender!), but the Refreshmint and the Bloody Mary come to mind. Then there’s Rachel‘s Kale Apple Salad! I actually love kale and usually eat it by itself… I’m weird like that, but now I’ve seen how easy and delicious it will be in a real salad.

Bottom line, June’s events and projects have been a lovely way to greet summer!

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