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SIp and enjoy

{ The Accidental Infusion }

I recently pruned my basil plant and did not want the leaves to go to waste. I decided to   toss them in a pitcher along with some other fruit I had on hand. That is when I came up with this gem of a refreshment.

While I put the ingredients in the pitcher thinking it would merely look pretty, I was pleasantly surprised and even shocked at the results! Not only was it a beautiful beverage to serve, but it had an amazing taste! There was no sugar and no artificial flavoring, only good ole’ natural fruit and water. Who would have thought such a simple concoction could create something so fantastic?

I love serving the drink to my guests, and cannot wait to try more infusions!

{ The Ingredients }

For this particular infusion I used:

       Nine strawberries

       One lemon

       Six large basil leaves

(Tip: For a nice garnish have a little extra of the ingredients on hand.)

{ The Preparation }

Slice the lemon and the strawberries.

Combine the strawberries, the lemon and the whole basil leaves with two quarts of water.

Let the mixture sit in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours before serving.

(Tip: The longer it sits, the more flavorful it gets! Do not be scared of a little color. It is completely natural, and desirable for the infusion to leave the water a pale pink.)

Finally, add your choice of garnish and this Sweet Summer Sipper will be complete and ready to serve.

{ The Good News }

You really can’t mess this infusion up!

Like it sweet? Add more strawberries.

Want more zing? Add a few extra slices of lemon.

Play around until your perfect combination is found.

Sip and Enjoy

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