The Air Show

September 24, 2013

photo 3photo 1photo 5photo 2photo 4It was a beautiful day. Perfect for flying planes and eating ice cream. I never remember to take pictures, and I call myself a blogger. The shame. I’m always too distracted by all the excitement.

Our friends Amanda and Chris joined us for the day, they’re pictured above. Aren’t they cute? Steve and Heather and their two little girls joined us as well! Sadly, they are not pictured, but I’m holding their ten month old baby! Her name is Lily and she was super snuggly. Later that evening I had the sweetest and most polite conversation with Emma, their oldest. She’s super girly so we had a lot in common, and she likes Disney princesses. Me too. I was excited to find out that Disney has a new princess series, and one of them is called Amber, I may have screamed with excitement. However, I later read up on princess Amber and found out that she’s not a very nice. So sad.

Where was I? Oh yeah, the Air Show…

It was a great day and a perfect way to kick off autumn!



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  • Reply Amber September 25, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    oh dang! we finally get a princess and she’s not very nice! :( Did you hear about the (not animated) Cinderella movie in production by Disney? It’s due out in 2015 – Cinderella is my favorite and I’m sooo excited! Lily is just too cute and it looked like a gorgeous day for an air show! P.S. I got your letter a couple of weeks ago – it’s been kinda crazy, I’m gonna try to write you this week!

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