The South


I’m thankful for 1/busy. These past two months have passed by me quickly. I hope March will sit down and stay awhile. 2/fabric + a new sewing machine. I’m so blessed. 3/breakfast. I love breakfast, but I like eating it later in the day. 4/eight more flowers to crochet. I am so thankful to be almost finished with this blanket. 5/Winter. I’m thankful for winter and while everyone else is dreaming of summer, I’m going to enjoy winter a little longer. Summer will be here soon enough thanks to the south.

What are you thankful for?

4 thoughts on “The South

  1. Time has really followen by, I can’t believe it is March already.
    I am thankful for many things firstly I am thankful my handsome husband Roberto.
    On Sunday we will have been married exactly 6 months.
    I am thankful the increasing light in the early morning as it reminds me that spring is on its way.
    I am thankful for my family and I am trying to take my time to enjoy there company.

    Sending lots of love across the pound xx

    1. Happy six months!! Spring is almost here too, and the time change happened for us on Sunday, We lost an hour, but it’s worth it to have more light during the day!

  2. Those flowers are gorgeous! I like getting flowers but I get sad when they start to wilt and die. Then again I’m also not a fake plants kinda girl. I’m glad you’re almost done with your blanket. I’m sure it’ll look great.

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