Wind Blown + Red Autumn

July 15, 2014
Happy | MrsAmberApple

It is so nice to be back behind this screen writing to you! Last week was a whirlwind of  crafty fun, and a rush of hard work. I obviously didn’t post any projects, I spent all my time working on Red Autumn prints and stationary for the Sola Pop-Up Market.

Rachel shared her experience with pop-up markets last Thursday and today I’m sharing my first pop-up market!

Red Autumn Sign | MrsAmberAppleIced Coffee | MrsAmberApple

Last Saturday Stephen and I woke up early (way too early!) and drove to Raleigh for the Sola Pop-Up Market. We set up shop and then sipped iced coffee to cool off.

Let's Be Friends Chalkboard Art | MrsAmberAppleWe Are So Good Together | MrsAmberApple

Remember this gold frame project and chicken wire frame?

Let's Stay Home | MrsAmberApplePrints | MrsAmberApple

The chalkboard project I did a few weeks ago came in handy!

I was so encouraged by the response I received from customers. There’s nothing like creating something to find that someone likes it! —And it was so much fun having most of my living room outside in a different city… ha!

Shop Owners | MrsAmberApple

Best of all, Rachel set up her shop beside me!

Wind Blown Sign | MrsAmberAppleNecklaces Wind Blown | MrsAmberAppleShop Wind Blown | MrsAmberAppleWind Blown Pop Up | MrsAmberAppleWind Blown | MrsAmberApple

Rachel is a pop-up market expert, I have a lot to learn. Her shop aesthetic always feels warm and inviting. I love her use of warm earthy colors! I’m not even talking about her product, just the look of her shop. Her product is even better —handcrafted jewelry you will enjoy wearing. I do :)

Shoes | MrsAmberAppleHappy | MrsAmberApple

It’s been a dream to do something creative with Rachel for a long time. When she accepted to be a contributor I did a little dance. Well, to be honest it wasn’t a little dance, it was like a big party in my mind, I had a good time. Seriously, his girl is so creative it’s contagious and I’m so happy to have her contribute! —Oh, and then to pop up my shop next to hers on Saturday was almost too much excitement to handle.

Special thanks to my Mr. for helping me all week leading up to the day of the pop up. Stephen is also a contributor and he works hard to share great cocktails each Friday. Basically, I have a great team.

Also, special thanks to Amanda and Chris for staying all day Saturday and helping. And Crystal and Gray for helping the night before and stoping by on Saturday.

I’m looking forward to packing up Red Autumn and attending more pop-up markets!


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  • Reply Amber July 16, 2014 at 11:14 am

    This looks like so much fun! It sounds like it was a success too, congratulations!! Keep up the creativity! :D

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