How I Stock Our Home Bar

September 24, 2014
How I Stock Our Home Bar | Red Atumn Co


There’s no doubt, stocking your home bar is expensive, but it’s worth it. I find it’s much cheaper and more fun if you drink at home… from your own bar! So save your pennies dollars and go out and stock your home bar. Here’s what I like to always have on hand:

Wine - How To Stock Your Home Bar | Red Autumn Co

+ Sake. I love sake. I prefer Sake One.

+ Wine. It’s always good to have a selection of wine in your home bar. I like to keep my favorite red wine Dearly Beloved from Trader Joe’s and a white wine. Lillet Blanc is excellent to keep on hand for cocktails, like Just Peachy.

Champagne. I also like to keep a sweet and dry champagne on our bar at all times. You never know when you want to celebrate! Stephen and I love Trader Joe’s Peach Champagne.

Stocking Your Home Bar | Red Autumn Co

+ Angostura Bitters, Dry & Sweet Vermouth, and St. Germain are must haves. Aperol and Campari are not my favorites, but I like to keep them stocked just in case there’s a cocktail that needs them.

Not pictured:

+ Syrups. You should always have Honey Syrup and Simple Syrup ready.

+ Sauces. Honey. Hot Sauce and Worcestershire sauce for a Bloody Mary.

+ Club Soda, Ginger Beer and Tonic.

+ Lemons, Limes, Tomato Juice, Pineapple Juice, Organe Juice, Chocolate Ice Cream (for Bourbon Street Meets Mayberry), and Eggs for a Sour Whiskey. Olives, Cocktail Onions, Mint and Oranges.

Liquor - How To Stock Your Home Bar | Red Autumn Co

+ Gin. Now, I’m going to be honest here: I love my gin. I love Hendrick’s —but it’s a curious gin. It requires a special taste. I prefer it paired with St. Germain in a French Gimlet. The Botanist gin isn’t my go to —I prefer Plymouth, but alas! the liquor store was completely out and I was am heart broken. The Botanist is a good stand in though.

+ Vodka. Absolut Vodka is great vodka. I also like Tanqueray Vodka. Cheap vodka’s are awful and should be banned.

+ Rum. I’m not a fan of Rum. I don’t like sweet drinks, but it’s rude not to have rum stocked because most of our friends love rum. I’m usually a bad host and never have it stocked; do as I say and not as I do —stock all liquor’s for the sake of your guests. Bacardi has a bat on the bottle, I like bats and I hear it’s good so that’s what I stock.

+ Tequila. I met Tequila for the first time on our vacation to the Bahamas. Again, sweet drinks are not my favorite, but give me an island *cough* Half Moon Cay, and I’ll drink anything. We have several friends who enjoy Tequila, and I’m very happy to have it stocked for them.

+ Bourbon. Hands down, Maker’s Mark is my favorite. If we’re going to be specific, Maker’s Mark 46 is my absolute favorite. Drink only the best, you deserve it.

+ Whiskey. I like to keep Gentleman’s Jack and Honey Whiskey on hand.

Home Bar | Red Autumn Co

Like I said stocking your home bar is expensive, but it’s worth it. Figure out what you and your guests like and your golden!


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