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  • Seasonal Favorites // Summer 2022

    Summer has come to an end, and I can hardly believe it. There were a lot of great experiences and new changes that happened this summer…here are a few: Good Company in Cincinnati And quite literally, actually. In August I began a new adventure working as a Content Strategist at Tandem. With only a few… View Post

    Seasonal Favorites // Summer 2022
  • Room Swoon: Shop Our Bedroom

    I like to change up our Z’s from time to time. Every 3 to 6 months I find I am bored with a layout of a room (to be perfectly honest, I dust and forget where everything was before!). A few years ago we moved apartments, and I decided it was time to retire our… View Post

    Room Swoon: Shop Our Bedroom
  • Old Fashioned Fluffy Frosting

    You’ll find this recipe in old 1930s cookbooks—it’s usually named 7 Minute Icing—I’m not sure why because it takes longer than 7 minutes. In my experience, it takes about 30 minutes. Do you like buttercream? I’m not a fan. In the 90s buttercream icing was smeared on every grocery store-bought cake. As a kid, once… View Post

    Old Fashioned Fluffy Frosting
  • Room Swoon: Bar Cart

    Now that summer is in full swing and we’re welcoming friends back into our homes for intimate gatherings again, perhaps it’s time to give our humble home bars a visual revamp. Like any other space in your home, style your bar cart with the same approach. Think about the meaning, cohesion, and contrast within the… View Post

    Room Swoon: Bar Cart
  • My Must-Have French Baking Essentials

    When it comes to French baking, there are a few essentials you will truly need. Your répertoire should include a selection of essential tools—of course, you don’t need all of these at once, just buy the pieces as you need them! I think I fell in love with French baking the moment my first batch… View Post

    My Must-Have French Baking Essentials