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  • Seasonal Favorites // Autumn 2022

    The autumn sun, rich and golden, warmed most days and then quickly faded into winter all too soon. It was a busy season, but joy-giving. Autumn has always been a season of looking inward and focusing on the roots I put down, rather than the flowers that bloom. It’s a quieter rhythm—one where I can… View Post

    Seasonal Favorites // Autumn 2022
  • DIY Pinwheel Quilt

    In 2019, I made a ballet pink dress with swans on it. I had about a yard of fabric left over and recently decided to make a pinwheel quilt from the leftover fabric. At first glance, the pinwheel pattern looks complicated (at least, it did to me), but it’s incredibly simple! In 2016 I made… View Post

    DIY Pinwheel Quilt
  • Gruet Cuvée 89 Rosé

    Gruet Cuvée 89 Rosé—the perfect celebration wine. Fizzy, with hints of strawberry and peach with pear on the nose. It’s an inexpensive solid rosé brut—not too sweet but easy for a general audience. The palate is very smooth and full of light fruit flavors—a great party pleaser. But are we really surprised that anything other… View Post

    Gruet Cuvée 89 Rosé
  • Seasonal Favorites // Summer 2022

    Summer has come to an end, and I can hardly believe it. There were a lot of great experiences and new changes that happened this summer…here are a few: Good Company in Cincinnati And quite literally, actually. In August I began a new adventure working as a Content Strategist at Tandem. With only a few… View Post

    Seasonal Favorites // Summer 2022
  • Room Swoon: Shop Our Bedroom

    I like to change up our Z’s from time to time. Every 3 to 6 months I find I am bored with a layout of a room (to be perfectly honest, I dust and forget where everything was before!). A few years ago we moved apartments, and I decided it was time to retire our… View Post

    Room Swoon: Shop Our Bedroom