Mint Julep

July 25, 2014
Mint Julep - Mrs Amber Apple Blog

Mint Julep - Mrs Amber Apple Blog


Ready? Here’s what we’ll need:Mint Julep - Ingredients - Mrs Amber Apple Blog

• Makers Mark Bourbon
• Crushed Ice
• Simple Syrup
• A Sprig of Mint

Mint Julep - Tools - Mrs Amber Apple Blog

• Mint Julep Metal Cup
• Muddler

Add eight mint leaves to the bottom of your cup along with half an ounce simple syrup. Muddle the leaves lightly not to pierce, but to release flavor into the syrup. Crush your ice (I use a food processor) and pack it in your glass until it domes the top.

Using the side of the cup, add 4 ounces Markers Mark bourbon. Top the ice with one fourth ounce simple syrup, garnish the top with remaining mint.

Mint Julep - Enjoy! - Mrs Amber Apple Blog

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