Let’s Go Fly a Kite

So, it snowed yesterday —it was the weirdest weather ever. Sunday was beautiful and 70 degrees! I was wearing short sleeves and the prettiest spring dress. Next day, a blizzard hit us. Okay, so maybe not a blizzard, but it was very cold and windy!

What do you do when odd weather blows through? Fly a kite of course! Which, I discovered I’m not very good at…

Tattoo Adventure

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I did it! I finally got a tattoo. I’ve been thinking about it for years…and now I want more, ha!  I’m so thankful I could share this experience with a group of friends. Amanda and Crystal are sisters so they got sister tattoos (Wicked lyrics!) and I’m so happy I could join them. I’m not especially fond of needles, so having a big group to laugh and chatter was perfect! For any local friends reading this we went to Tattoo Archive on 4th street and they were fantastic! I will definitely go there again. Okay, so I made this video —but I can’t take all the credit, Stephen helped me clean it up this morning. Hope you enjoy watching it!

Edge of Spring

12 13 26 cosy crochet here comes the sun Take Heart vinly loveI’ve always loved this quote from Charles Dickens; he explains the edge of spring so well.

“It was one of those March days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade.”
— Charles Dickens, Great Expectations

Spring —I’m looking forward to meeting her. The sun will shine brighter and daylight will last longer. More walks, spontaneous bicycle adventures, and picnics in the park on 4th street. Our local farmers market will open again and baseball season is around the corner. Oh, and peonies at Trader Joe’s. Le sigh, spring brings some pretty happy things, but until then Old Man Winter is still knocking on my door. Which is actually great, so I can’t complain. I have a few Red Autumn projects + a secret project in the hopper and I need all the time I can get to work; sunshine distractions would not be helpful!

…but it’s Saturday and I’m going take a break from work and check a little something off of my list of things to do: get a tattoo!

Ah! I’m terrified, and excited!

Polamatic App

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I have a polaroid camera, but no film… this app cured my need for the polaroid picture snapping sound. You know what I’m talking about. It’s so much fun.

I’ve been meaning to share some photo’s from this app for awhile. It takes a lot for me to buy an app because I’ve wasted money before, but no regrets here!

Do you have a favorite app you’ve purchased?


New Orleans & Texas

Makers 46 29 28 27 The Bourbon House 2224 photo 1 photo 2A few weeks ago Stephen and I traveled to Houston, Texas and on our way back we stayed in New Orleans for the night —but let’s talk about Texas for a moment. Texas is huge. I had no idea how big this state is. All my life I’ve heard that Texas is home to large spiders and intense heat, so I decided I probably wouldn’t like Texas. I didn’t see any spiders (believe me, I looked), and well it’s February so it wasn’t hot. I told Stephen that I really wanted to meet a real cowboy. I saw cowboys riding horses (which was awesome), but I don’t think I met one… however I was called m’am and I almost screamed with excitement. I love southern charm. We were only there for a few hours, but enjoyed Texas so much we want to visit again.

New Orleans is like a never ending party; we loved it. We had the chance to stay one night and for most of the next day we enjoyed the city. We ate lunch at The Bourbon House (it was delicious!) and then walked around for a bit. Visiting again is a must.

After all our adventures, it was nice to come back home. Especially to see Molly again! Somehow I’ve quickly turned into that crazy dog lady who can’t go anywhere without her dog… yeah, that’s me.

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Valentine Snow

37 33 35 valentine hearts17 19 20 spring flowersIt snowed a lot last week. Well, a lot for little ol’ carolina. It was a big deal. It seemed like everyone who lives in the downtown area put on their warmest coats and braved the five inches of treacherous white snow.  The south doesn’t see a lot of snow —we’re not even the deep south, but still people abandoned their cars on the side of the interstate and walked in the deep five inches. This is what Stephen and I did:

Um, yes. It was loads of fun and better yet it snowed on Valentine’s Day!