Quick and Easy Pasta | MrsAmberApple

This is a one pot pasta dish that only takes a few minutes to make. I know, it sounds too good to be true. It’s been a busy summer and to be honest dinner hasn’t been a priority. I’ve craved pasta lately and decided it was time to make something creamy and delicious.

Ingredients | MrsAmberApple

• Four cups organic vegetable broth
• Three cups noodles, I used Trader Joe’s brown rice and quinoa noodles 
• Twenty asparagus, chopped in thirds
• Six broccoli florets
• One cup mushrooms
• One shallot, chopped
• Four cloves of garlic, crushed
• One teaspoon fresh lemon zest
• Two cups shredded goat cheese
• Two tablespoons olive oil
• Red pepper flakes, optional
• Sea Salt
• Black Pepper

Heat everything except shredded goat cheese in a pot. Cover and allow time to simmer until vegetables are tender (about ten minutes).  Remove from heat and add shredded goat cheese and stir until creamy. Serve hot and enjoy!


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