Little Office Nook

July 28, 2016

I’ve been pinning little office spaces for awhile, so I’m excited to share with you my own little curated nook. Even though our dining room is the largest room in the cottage, there is only a tiny corner available for office space.

When we were envisioning what type of desk we wanted, Stephen and I planned to make a floating desk. It made sense because the space is so small, but then we found a vintage desk refinished by Steadfast Salvage Co. and couldn’t pass it up. The depth and length is perfect!



|Oh Honey Embroidery|

I’m always on the hunt for vintage advertisements and crewel embroidery at flea markets. And pyrex, of course! Decorating with vintage pieces inspires my personal style and lettering for the shop. The iMac is 2016, but I wanted this space to have a vintage aesthetic.


|Yellow Metal Shelf (out of stock)/Hobby Lobby|Metal Stool/Overstock|Vintage Desk/Steadfast Salvage Co.|Baltic Amber/Anthropologie|

The stool is temporary, I’m on the hunt for a desk chair. Any suggestions? I spend a lot of time editing lettering—a comfy chair would be lovely!


|Plant Basket (out of stock)/Hobby Lobby| Vintage Lamp/Family Heirloom|

Thanks for stopping by for my office nook tour! I hope this space inspires you to make your own. It’s funny, I actually never considered having an office space until I began pinning cute ideas on Pinterest, now that I have this space I’m not sure how I managed to get work done before!

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