Dining Room Tour

July 25, 2016

It’s been far too long since I’ve updated you on our little cottage. I took some time yesterday to have a mini photo session, so I’m excited to share our dining room with you today! 

Our dining room is the largest room in the cottage. I’m thankful—most cottages we viewed last year had very small dining rooms. There’s no way I could ever depart with my beautiful table Stephen built for us! We have too many memories here with family and friends, also this table seats eight! If you would like to make your own, the instructions are listed here.


You can view the hutch before and after photo’s here.

Last summer I found this hutch for $45 and thank my lucky stars everyday for the extra storage. If you are considering renting or buying a cottage, I will warn you on one negative! There is absolutely no storage in 1920s cottages. Be prepared to hunt for a few cute storage pieces, similar to this hutch.

As you can see pyrex, salt & pepper shakers and jadeite are my jam.

IMG_2662IMG_2644IMG_2643 IMG_2641 IMG_2639 IMG_2638 IMG_2635 IMG_2631

|Bee Plate|Beehive Cookie Jar|Mosser Jadeite Mixing Bowls|Opalescent Tumblers|Latte Bowls|Mosser Jadeite Pitcher|Mosser Honey Pot|


My little office nook for Red Autumn Co.! I am loving this new space. It’s so nice to have a little nook just for editing new lettering or writing blog posts like this one! You can read more about my little office space in this post.

IMG_2681IMG_2700 IMG_2706|Copper French Press|Christmas Edition Anthropologie Cups|Breville Grinder|Chemex|

Our new coffee bar is smaller than the bar Stephen built a few years ago, but I think it fits perfectly in this space. Our first bar is now cozy in the new office downtown, but I’ll share more details later!

IMG_2679 IMG_2675 IMG_2667 copy IMG_2671

|Herringbone Lamp|

This space is mostly vintage finds. My great grandmother had a cart similar to this one in her kitchen. I sprayed the blue tin, now planter, with clear acrylic to seal it before planting pothos. I also asked Stephen to drill holes in the bottom for drainage, and now use the lid to catch water. Vintage tins make the best planters. I’m excited to add tins to my list of what to look for on flea market days!

And there you have it, our cottage dining room tour is complete! If you have any questions comment below!

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  • Reply Rachel July 27, 2016 at 8:42 pm

    I love your dinning room! What kind of plant is that by your hutch? I’m in the market for a good house plant! Which is your favorite?

    • Reply Amber Apple July 28, 2016 at 2:53 pm

      Isn’t he great? I named him Tom :) He’s part of the Elephant Ear family—’Calidora’ Persian Palm. He was super small when I picked him up at Trader Joe’s. Over the past two months I have repotted him twice! You can find Persian Palms at Home Depot and Lowe’s Hardware. He loves humidity, and rarely needs water. Devils Ivy, Dumb Cane and Chinese Evergreen’s are amazing low maintenance house plants too!

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